Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers – USA, 1988

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‘They charge an arm and a leg!’

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a 1988 American comedy horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray (The Alien Dead, Evil Toons), and starring Gunnar Hansen (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Linnea Quigley, Jay Richardson and Michelle Bauer. It cost around $60,000 to produce.

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Incredibly, over-zealous censors decreed that the UK 1980s video release was not allowed to use the word Chainsaw in its title, so the film was released simply as ‘Hollywood Hookers’ with the word ‘Chainsaw’ replaced by the outline of the offending power tool!

When private detective Jack Chandler (Jay Richardson) tries to track down a teenage runaway (Linnea Quigley), he runs into a cult of Egyptian chainsaw-worshipping prostitutes led by “The Master” (Gunnar Hansen—Leatherface from the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).


Michelle Bauer


“Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers made me feel like I was 12 again, where you’d go to the video store and rent the most ridiculous movies you could find based on the cover or title alone, and sometimes you’d find a real gem.” Tyler B, Oh! The Horror!

“It’s over the top, it’s goofy but rarely does it deliver the goods as far as something we the audience have never seen before. Sure, the dance of the dual-chainsaws towards the end with Quigley naked and dancing with a snake painted over her no-no parts comes pretty close – but there’s no crazy gore, there’s no zany weirdness or anything that makes you stop and go “wow”; which is what the film is sorely missing in my opinion.” Josh, Varied Celluloid

“I have no reservations with saying that the film is exactly what every horror comedy sleazefests should aspire to be. Everything blends together perfectly. It is ridiculous entertainment and the epitome of fun.  I can’t imagine fans of schlock not absolutely loving this film.” Blair Hoyle, Cinema Slasher

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