And Soon the Darkness (1970)

and_soon_the_darkness_1970_poster_01And Soon the Darkness is a 1970 British psycho thriller film directed by Robert Fuest (The Devil’s Rain) from a screenplay by Terry Nation and Brian Clemens (The Avengers). Starring Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice and Sandor Eles, it tells the story of two young English women on a cycling holiday in France, who run into difficulties. It was remade in 2010.


Along the straight and dusty roads of rural France cycle two young women on holiday – Jane (Pamela Franklin) and Cathy (Michele Dotrice). Their holiday is soon to go horribly wrong when Cathy disappears.

and soon the darkness

A sinister young man that claims he is a detective…an unsolved murder that took place some years before…a sex killer at large…waiting, watching perhaps? Questions that hang in the arid air of this late summer’s day…


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And Soon the Darkness is an expertly crafted exercise in subtle fright. There are enough twists and turns to keep one involved right up until the end and all of the performances are dead (pardon the pun) on target. Plain and simple, this film is cool without being excessive or exploitative and I can dig that.” Lawrence P Raffel, Monsters at Play

“It’s hard to maintain critical impartiality with a film as good as this, and even harder to resist the temptation to lapse into a stream of superlatives. I could go on forever about the fantastic camerawork (take a bow Ian Wilson) which roves and slowly glides across the French landscape, conveying at once a sense of tranquil beauty AND an undercurrent of brooding menace. And without knowing it, between them, he, Fuest and Clemens were pioneering a whole new style.” Drewe Shinon, Britmovie


and soon the darkness dvd

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