Flesh Feast – USA, 1967


‘Living bodies used for the most vile experiment ever devised!’

Flesh Feast aka Time for Terror is a 1967 American horror feature film that features Veronica Lake in her final screen performance.

veronica lake flesh feast

Lake plays Dr. Elaine Frederick, a mad scientist working on developing maggots that prefer human flesh, while her services are used to make a clone of Adolf Hitler. She cooperates with the plan to resurrect Hitler as a way of exacting revenge for the death of her parents, political prisoners executed in a concentration camp.

While convincing everyone the flesh-eating maggots are for regeneration research, Dr. Frederick simply wants to throw them in the resurrected Hitler’s face, which she does.

naked torture show flesh feast 3 on a meathook dvd

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“Veronica Lake came out of a twenty-year retirement to make this turkey. It was to be her last film before her early death in ’73. In the Forties and Fifties, she was a stunningly beautiful, if not stunningly talented, star in old Hollywood. It’s too bad she left as her epitaph: “maggots eat Hitler’s face, and it’s still really boring.” Cult Horror

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