Blood Freak (1972)

‘Only the blood of drug addicts can satisfy its thirst!’

Blood Freak is a 1972 American horror film, produced and directed by Brad F. Grinter and actor Steve Hawkes. It is “the world’s only turkey-monster-anti-drug-pro-Jesus gore film!”

blood freak


A biker comes upon a girl with a flat tire and offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with the girl’s sister, then follows her to a turkey farm owned by her father, a mad scientist. The father turns the biker into a giant turkey monster who goes after drug dealers….

Blood freak 2


“Peerless, disturbed, and completely stupid, it’s a glorification of all things crooked and perplexing in 70s exploitation films. The sheer concept (and series of events) baffles endlessly, making Grinter and friends’ seeming sincerity a trivial footnote.” Joseph A Ziemba, Bleeding Skull


“What is this movie, then? Bad monster flick? Anti-drug scare film? Christian exploitation cinema? Low-budget mishmash or bad ideas? In truth, Blood Freak is all that and more. A bastard offspring of Herschel Gordon Lewis (and I must say some of the blood and gore effects in this film, particularly one where a guy gets his leg sawed off, are surprisingly effective given the utter incompetence of everything else on display) and Ron Ormond, Blood Freak is unlike anything else that’s ever been made—or ever will be made.” Trash Film Guru


blod freak vhs

This VHS sleeve utilises artwork for Jesus Franco’s Devil Hunter (1980)

“The acting, makeup and rock music soundtrack are all wonderfully horrible.” Michael Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide

” … one of the most bizarre, inexplicable and confusing films ever made.” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films, 1958 – 1990


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  1. What more can be said about this one? Well, I’ll try. I hear that money ran out and Steve Hawkes had to put up funds to get it finished, in addition to taking over the directing.reigns. Who on Earth was this meant to be for? Way too gory for the Christian audience. Was the hope to get the exploitation audience interested in salvation? Love the very visible blood tubes in every gore shot.Also love the part where his lady ponders their future, will they get married, what will the children look like? Brilliant. We will never see the likes of this ever again.

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