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Count Dracula’s Deadly Secret – also known as Count Dracula’s Secret – was a children’s ice lolly made in the UK by the Wall’s Company during the 1970’s. The lolly consisted of “blood red” jelly covered with a coating as “black as midnight”, with a “core of delicious snocreme”. The consumer always ended up with darkly stained lips, mouth and teeth.

Dracula lolly 2


Another iconic feature of Dracula’s Great Secret lollies was the introduction of stencils depicting bats, fangs etc to the lolly stick.

Dracula 3

Dracula 4

By the early 1980’s, Walls had dropped mention of Dracula being a Count or having a secret but the lolly itself had evolved into a fully-shaped vampire:

In 2011, the Iceland supermarket chain introduced their own Dracula Lollies. These are arguably inferior in terms of package design and lolly construction but Dracula lolly fans have still welcomed the move and affordable price.

New Dracula

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  1. television advertisement in the united kingdom throughout the 80’s had
    great animation to go with the tone of the product either it was stop motion
    or puppet animatronics or hand drawn with great direction and art design
    and some adverts like Paxo the rooster booster and Lamot Pils plus babysham
    had great animation and totally iconic today with larger cult followings thanks
    to the fans who lovingly curated the prints to share online amongst other fans
    not like the advertisements of today but nothing outsells great animation of
    the wonderful 80’s decade .

    Frankie croft

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