Grabbers – Ireland | UK, 2012

Grabbers is a 2012 Irish-British monster movie directed by Jon Wright and written by Kevin Lehane. The film stars Richard Coyle (Outpost II: Black Sun), Ruth Bradley, Bronagh Gallagher and Russell Tovey alongside an ensemble cast of Irish actors.


An idyllic remote Irish island is invaded by enormous bloodsucking tentacled creatures from the sea. With islanders turning up decapitated and drained of blood, the inhabitants learn that the creatures–called Grabbers–are allergic to alcohol, making intoxicated people toxic to eat.

Overrun and under attack, the hopeless locals realise that in order to stay alive through a storm that’s keeping everyone trapped on the island, they’re going to have to band together at the pub and do their best to survive the night…


Grabbers is a decent B-flick, perhaps not destined to be Ireland’s answer to Shaun of the Dead, but daft and gory enough to – ahem – grab horror fans’ attention for an hour and a half. Four tentacles up.” Andrew Johnston, Culture Northern Ireland

“Among the most pleasurable pure genre movies of recent years.” – Kim Newman

” …it plays its gleefully silly premise poker-straight and could teach self-reflexive Hollywood projects such as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a thing or six about irony. The winkingly grandiose score is a grand fit with the glossy, not gritty, cinematography, and the computer-generated beasties do not look noticeably cheaper than those from a major studio-funded horror film.’ The Telegraph

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“And what about the monster? It’s gorgeous. A rolling mass of tentacles and stingers with a very, very big mouth, it’s a prime example of how CGI can be used sparingly and effectively, alongside practical on-set effects that add to the illusion of the monster affecting its surroundings… It’s funny, suspenseful, scary, deliciously vulgar and delightfully whimsical.” 5 Word Movie Reviews




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