Skin Eating Jungle Vampires – USA, 2001

Skin Eating Jungle Vampires is a 2001 low-budget American science fiction horror exploitation film starring Carla Anderson, Violet Sweet, Mr. Creepo and Persephone. It is directed by Mr. Creepo. The film was originally released by Mr. Creepo himself, and was subsequently re-released by Chemical Burn in 2011.

The Clitorans are a race of aliens who live in a volcano in Costa Rica, awaiting the arrival of their ruler. They feast on the flesh on unsuspecting tourists. The sister of one of their victims goes in search of her missing sibling, and soon falls prey to the vampire aliens.

‘It’s likely that, with a title like Skin Eating Jungle Vampires, most viewers won’t come to this film with high expectations of quality film-making. It’s quite an achievement, then, for the film to still be worse than you could possibly have imagined. But it is.’ Strange Things Are Happening


‘Let’s start with some disclosure: I enjoy “bad” movies and “camp” movies. Both of these terms are in quotes because they’re so wildly subjective, and truth be told, a whole hell of a lot of cinema that others consider poorly made I find quite loveable. There’s a certain joy to be found in something made with tremendous heart, dedication and effort, even if the end result is arguably crappy. A common reference point (especially since the Tim Burton biopic) is Ed Wood — his shaggy dog films are charming due in no small part to the fact that a great amount of passion was poured into them, however talentless or misguided. The same goes for stuff like The Room, or Birdemic. When the creator believes in his project you feel their ambition on the screen, even if in the most unintended of ways. It’s in this way that, for me, it’s hard to be completely dismissive of most movies. All this being said, Skin Eating Jungle Vampires is an unmitigated pile of shit.” CHUD

Skin Eating Jungle Vampires is cheaply made, poorly acted, sloppily written and technically inept. Continuity errors are common. Carla’s top is off, then magically back on moments later, even though she is speeding through the jungle pursued by Mr. Creepo, and one presumes would not have time to put a bikini top on. The film is padded with stock footage, and barely makes sense … the occasional bare breast and clumsily executed gore don’t make up for the lack of basic craft. This is a failure of a film. Skip it.” DVD Talk

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