Dementia aka Daughter of Horror – USA, 1953

Dementia is a 1953 American film, filmed in a film noir style, but not released until 1955.

Though this film was credited to John Parker as being the screenwriter, director, and producer, he was only the producer of the film. Actor Bruno VeSota (The Undead; A Bucket of Blood; Attack of the Giant Leeches) was, in fact, both screenwriter and director of this bizarre film.

Assault, attempted rape, death, mutilation, chases and fear all play a role in this movie in which the viewer is never sure what is real, what is dream, what is hallucination. The original version was 61 minutes long, with no dialogue, just music and some unsynchronized sound, such as laughing, crying, etc.

The cut version of the film, known as Daughter of Horror is 56 minutes long, also with music but no dialogue, but with an added narration read by actor Ed McMahon.

The film is perhaps best known for its appearance in The Blob (1958), where it is the movie playing in the movie theater when the titular monster strikes.

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