Eyes of a Stranger – USA, 1981


‘Sorry, your party is dead…’

Eyes of a Stranger is a 1981 slasher horror thriller film directed by Ken Wiederhorn (Shock Waves; Return of the Living Dead Part II). It features makeup effects by Tom Savini and stars Jennifer Jason Leigh in one of her earliest roles.

The film focuses around a murderer who stalks his victims and then calls them repeatedly before raping and killing them. Feminist TV reporter Jane Harris (Lauren Tewes) becomes suspicious and investigates one of her neighbors, whom she believes is committing the crimes.

The film was originally cut for an R-rating, removing many instances of violence including a decapitation, leaving only the final head shot uncut. As a result many of Tom Savini’s gore effects were removed or censored. The uncut version has since been released in Warner’s Twisted Terror Collection on DVD with an R on the packaging.


“There are a lot of clever ideas here, but most of them were done better in earlier movies… If not for the nudity and gore, this could have easily been a made for TV movie. True slasher fans will most likely find Eyes of a Stranger disappointingly tame. On the other hand, fans of older suspense/thrillers will find the gore overdone and the nudity gratuitous. It seems this movie was made to disappoint everyone.” Exclamation Mark

eyes of a stranger 1981 slasher

“There’s uses for a meat cleaver, a switchblade, and bare hands. In the uncut version, there are at least four notable deaths, bloody as can be. A singlehanded decapitation is fun, and flows all over Debbie’s apartment, where she will later find her boyfriend’s head in the fish tank. It seems Night School has a cousin.” Oh-the-Horror!

” … the script gives too much time to the psychopath and he doesn’t get characterised as well as say, in a movie like Maniac. There are no real shots of him behaving like a loon and instead we just see him sitting down to have his dinner and with all due respect to John DiSanti, he just doesn’t ooze scariness.” A Slash Above

“The film shuffles from one suspense-free scene to another – bathed in the pastel nihilistic look that typified many early 1980s genre flicks, the result of blistering Miami sunshine, cheap film stock and subsequent bad video transfer.” J.A. Kerswell, Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut


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