Don’t Let Him In – UK, 2011

‘How far would you go to survive?’

Don’t Let Him In is a 2011 British horror feature film directed by Kelly Smith from a screenplay co-written with Chris Andrews. The movie stars  Sophie Linfield, Sam Hazeldine and Gordon Alexander.

What if you invited a serial killer on holiday? Handsome, charming, and arrogant, Tristan has picked up Mandy for a hot one-night stand. The love-struck girl then invites him to a rural weekend getaway with her brother, Calvin, and his girlfriend, Paige, an emergency room nurse. But when the group learn a sadistic serial killer dubbed the Tree Surgeon is plaguing the area, Paige is forced to confront the deeply disturbing truth about Tristan.

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

‘There are a lot of logic flaws in Don’t Let Him In that end up being much too egregious to forgive Smith and her co-writer Chris Andrews for. The ridiculous moments take over right around the time everyone shows up at the cabin and seriously weaken the credibility of the story to the point of turning the movie into a parody of itself.’.

Don’t Let Him In is entertaining, not in the visceral fear stomach churning sense, but in the cultish horror slasher bleeding vein. There are gypsies giving warnings and a killer in the wood with a meat cleaver’.
Quiet Earth

‘…this is worn-out stuff through and through; it’s not that Don’t Let Him In is an altogether terrible film–Smith establishes some moody, even atmospheric shots early on, particularly the fog-drenched forest. However, there’s just no transcending the script, which leaves little room for surprises…’
Oh, the Horror!

‘But it’s just so weightless, with barely enough plot to cover a Tales from the Crypt episode, let alone a feature film. I will try hard not to get into spoiler territory, but the basic plot is figuring out who the “Tree Surgeon” (a serial killer who has been working in the area) is, and there’s really only two options…’ Horror Movie a Day

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