The Living Corpse – Pakistan, 1967


Zinda Laash (Urdu: زندہ لاش) is a 1967 Pakistani Urdu feature film, directed by Khwaja Sarfraz. This Lollywood film was produced by Abdul Baqi,  starring by Asad Bukhari (Dr. Aqil Harker), Habib (Aqil’s Brother), Deeba (Shabnam), Rehan (vampire), Nasreen (vampire bride). The film is also known as Dracula in Pakistan (US title) and The Living Corpse (International title). It was the first film in Pakistan to be X-rated.

Professor Tabini is experimenting on an elixir that he believes will beat death. When he tries it on himself, however, things don’t work out as planned and he dies. When his assistant finds him no longer among the living, she carries him down stairs and slaps him into the crypt in the basement. Unfortunately for her, he rises from the grave and bites down on her neck.

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Clip of the seductive vampire dance to a cover of The Shadows’ ‘Peace Pipe’:


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