Heartstopper – USA, 2006

‘Each beat may be your last’

Heartstopper – also known as Heart Stopper – is a 2006 straight-to-DVD American horror film directed by Bob Keen. It stars Robert Englund, Meredith Henderson, Nathaniel Stephenson.

Sara Wexler is a lonely teenager who attempts to commit suicide by running in front of a car. However, she is only injured before being discovered by Sheriff Berger. He takes her to a hospital, where the notorious serial killer Jonathan Chambers, whom Berger captured, is being detained.

Chambers is then executed in the electric chair, but the police do not know that he survived by making a deal with the devil. Chambers now has supernatural powers and begins to slaughter everyone in the hospital, including Berger.

Meanwhile, Sara and another teenager called Walter, who was sent to the hospital after accidentally being impaled on his own rake, try to escape from the hospital but find that all exits are locked…


Wild Side Cinema review: ‘doesn’t offer much in the way of story or answers but director Bob Keen (Hellraiser) makes up for that by heaping on the gore and quasi-biblical jibber jabber’

Popcorn Pictures review: a pretty dire slasher film which had a lot of promise (come on, a serial killer who rips out hearts with his bare hands has to be a win-win for a horror fan) but is completely ruined by the killer. Shut him the hell up, give him a bit more mystery and presence and maybe we’ve got a different film. The decent gore effects are so wasted in this film.

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