Airborne is a 2012 horror film written by Paul Chronnell and directed by Dominic Burns who describes it as a tongue-in-cheek film in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. It was Mark Hamill‘s first appearance in a British film.

Despite an approaching winter storm an airliner takes off. Soon the passengers find out there are hijackers on board who mercilessly follow through a ruthless plan that includes killing the pilots. The passengers try to hinder the terrorists attempt to turn the plane into a weapon, but they are not capable of overpowering them and merely experience increasing levels of violence as they arouse the terrorists’ wrath. Meanwhile, as fighter aircraft take off and close in on the airliner, its hijackers indulge an increasing bloodlust. The air force obviously prepares to take the hijacked plane down but as the worsening snow storm unfolds a growing impact is felt on their jets’ sensitive on-board electronics. Hence the military mission turns into a game of chance and the outcome might in the end just depend on the passengers’ will to sacrifice themselves.


“Airborne is a consistently enthralling story with plenty going for it but sorely lacking in any actually horrific moments. It sports a very good cast, strong performances (though Mark Hamill feels deeply underutilised as he spends most of the film sitting at a desk shouting) and an easygoing demeanour that effortlessly invites you in. One to relax and take in on a rainy afternoon, then, but don’t expect any legitimate scares here.” Dread Central


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