Nightmare in Wax – USA, 1969


Nightmare in Wax is a 1969 American horror film directed by Bud Townsend from a screenplay by Rex Carlton. It stars Cameron Mitchell (Maneater of Hydra, The Toolbox Murders, Without Warning)


Vince Rinaud (Cameron Mitchell) is a former film special effects engineer who is disfigured by Max Block, the head of Paragon Pictures, and also a rival for the affections of a woman (Anne Helm).

Leaving the film industry, Vince becomes a recluse and opens a wax museum. Within a few months, four popular Paragon stars disappear. Wax figures of the missing stars soon feature as wax models in the museum and the police become suspicious…



“Mitchell chews the scenery in an eye-patch while reliable TV actors Anne Helm (as our big haired heroine), Scott Brady (as the gruff detective), and Victoria Carroll (as the ditzy go-go dancer) get some hilariously banal dialogue to spout off during uninspired scenes. The occasionally skewed camera angles, garish lighting (I thought this was in 3-D for a few moments there), and out-of-focus fun can’t make up for how dull Nightmare in Wax truly is.” Cinema Somnambulist


“Apparently, the dumbest motherf*ckers in the world were assigned to solve the case of the missing actors, and it takes them the entire movie to figure out that maybe, just maybe, the weird, one-eyed and burnt guy who acts like Cameron Mitchell, and has “wax” figures of all of the missing people on display in his weird museum, might have something to do with it.” Horror Movie a Day


“Yes, it does offer a few giggles – but simply not enough to make it worth recommending. Likewise, it is never either sleazy or shocking enough to appeal to one’s more puerile nature – excepting, perhaps, the rather unappetizing scene of Cameron Mitchell, the nutcase of the film, making out with the corpse of one of his victims as he drives through the LA night. Other than that singular scene, however, Nightmare in Wax is simply bad in a most mundane way.” A Wasted Life

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