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World War Z is a 2013 post-apocalyptic 3D action horror film based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film is directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad Pit (Se7en), with a script written by J. Michael Straczynski and Matthew Michael Carnahan.

The film follows U.N. worker Gerry Lane, as he searches the globe for information that can stop the zombie outbreak that is bringing down nations…

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World War Z’s opening salvo is terrific. Apocalyptic blockbusters usually take a while to crank up and tease what’s coming, but this launches right into it without a single winking R.E.M. song. By the time you’re munching your first fistful of popcorn, an entire city (Philadelphia) is being overrun. Director Marc Forster plays the sequence beautifully, keeping the monsters virtually unseen and making the chaos unnerving in itself. It’s strong stuff. But it also sets the tone for what to expect in terms of gore, or lack of it. This is a movie in which millions of people die, but barely a drop of blood is seen.” Nick de Semlyen, Empire

“It should be an epic movie about a zombie outbreak, but if it’s not conveyed clearly to the audience, nobody will really care. Granted this is a particular focus on the posters, but even the trailer is pretty vague on the actual zombies. They seems more alive than humans and their athletic ability seems second to none! They also seem pretty difficult to distinguish in a crowd (and there’s plenty of those from the looks of the trailer), so if we can’t really identify the threat, what’s the point?” Andrew Flynn, Movie Poster Critic

“What a disaster. This end-of-the-world epic — Brad Pitt’s “baby”, which he’s been working on since 2007 — is mostly bland and extremely bloated. It’s Z for zombie, in case you’re wondering. But a more apt title would be World War Zzzzz… I liked the aerial shots of teeming flesh-munchers (PlayStation meets Hieronymus Bosch). Still, up close, the creatures resemble swivel-eyed loons with dodgy teeth. Not scary. And then there’s the big plug for Pepsi…” Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

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