Malpertuis aka The Legend of Doom House – Belgium, 1971

Malpertuis (released in the US as The Legend of Doom House) is a 1971 Belgian fantasy-horror directed by Harry Kümel (Daughters of Darkness), based on the 1943 novel of the same name.

Malpertuis is the name of an old, rambling mansion which is in reality a labyrinth where characters from Greek mythology are imprisoned by the bedridden Cassavius (Welles). He manages to keep them (as well as his nephew and niece) prisoners even after his death, through a binding testament. As Jan, the nephew, (Carrière) unravels the mystery, he discovers that he cannot escape the house because Malpertuis is far more significant than he was led to believe.

Cast and characters:

  • Orson Welles as Cassavius
  • Susan Hampshire as Nancy / Euryale / Alice (Alecto) / Nurse / Charlotte
  • Michel Bouquet as Dideloo
  • Mathieu Carrière as Jan
  • Jean-Pierre Cassel as Lampernisse
  • Daniel Pilon as Mathias Crook
  • Walter Rilla as Eisengott
  • Dora van der Groen as Sylvie Dideloo
  • Charles Janssens as Philarette
  • Sylvie Vartan as Bets
  • Jet Naessens as Eleonora
  • Cara Van Wersch as Rosalie
  • Jenny Van Santvoort as Elodie
  • Fanny Winkler as Mother Griboin
  • Robert Lussac as Griboin (as Bob Storm)
  • Edouard Ravais as Doucedame
  • Gella Allaert as Gerda
  • Hugo Dellas as Hans
  • Cyriel Van Gent as Thick Man




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