BoardingHouse (USA, 1982)


BoardingHouse – also known as Boarding HouseHousegeist and Bad Force – is a 1982 US horror film written, directed and starring John Wintergate.

Despite being cheaply shot-on-video, the movie was transferred to film and given a limited theatrical release in the United States by Coast Films in 1983.

Code Red released the film on DVD and it was reissued in 2013 by Slasher // Video. Cult film fanatic Bruce Holecheck reported: ‘Remastering the film from its original tapes to fix the problematic dark levels of the previous Code Red release, the disc also features a bonus extended cut that clocks in a full hour longer! I can’t even imagine. Other supplements include commentary, interviews, music videos, trailers, galleries… they even have the hilariously obnoxious original “beeping” intro that was on the 35mm print’.


On September 18, 1972, the Hoffman house was closed due to several mysterious deaths. Ten years later, the house is reopened as a boarding house by a man with telekinetic powers who inherited it. A group of nubile young women quickly move in and the killings begin all over again.

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 … we get flying bars of soap, magic shows, ancient synth music, and makeup effects that could have come from Halloween Express. We are warned of bad things to come by the state-of-the-art “Horrorvision” effect – which is a black gloved hand wiggling around in front of a psychedelic background, or sometimes as a blobby silhouette of a ghost” Digital Vault

Boardinghouse 3

“Maybe fans of DIY horror will enjoy the garish gore effects, such as a girl envisioning herself with a giant pig’s head spurting up blood and a dead mouse, or a doctor in a hospital pulling out his own guts (conveniently located inside his tucked-in shirt). But death scenes, the bread and butter of stupid cheap horror films like these, are too few and far between. One guy is electrocuted in a bathtub, keels over dead in the bathroom, and apparently no-one finds or misses him (!).” DVD Drive-In



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