The Black Scorpion (USA, 1957)

The Black Scorpion
 is a 1957 US horror film produced by Frank Melford and Jack Dietz (The Ape Man) and released by Warner Bros. It was directed by Edward Ludwig from a screenplay by David Duncan and Robert Blees, based on story by Paul Yawitz. It stars Richard Denning (Unknown Island) and Mara Corday (The Giant Claw, Tarantula). The stop motion special effects were created by Willis O’Brien (King Kong).

Volcanic activity releases giant prehistoric scorpions from the earth. They wreak havoc in the rural countryside and eventually threaten Mexico City itself…

‘There is no guilt complex here, and no return of the repressed. The Black Scorpion becomes one of the purest and most straightforward of all 1950’s ‘Creature Features’, it is divested of the extraneous baggage that slows down its contemporaries, its simplicity is a major asset.’ The Celluloid Highway

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‘The excellent stop-motion work makes The Black Scorpion worth your time, and though the acting and story are sorely lacking, there is enough camp value here to keep you moderately entertained between scenes.’ Exclamation Mark

‘Not all the effects are solid: the scorpions look awful in facial close ups and the budget ran out before everything could be completed, so a few scenes have the giant scorpions appear in silhouette form because only the backing had been completed at that time. Fortunately much of the work had been done and there are two setpieces in particular to praise, plus a shorter scene in which an army of scorpions take on a toy train.’ Apocalypse Later

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black scorpion el escorpion negro mexican

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1 reply

  1. Howdy Monster Mavens,

    First off, it is obvious that this film was shot on a very low budget.

    That said, what a fun movie.

    The plot was okay.

    Richard Denning and Carlos Rivas are excellent actors.

    Mara Corday would even look good wearing a flour sack, oh, she
    can also act.

    Most of the stop action animation was pretty darn good.

    Well worth watching.



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    a bad thing.


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