Dead Men Walk – USA, 1943


Dead Men Walk is a 1943 American horror film directed by Sam Newfield and produced by Sigmund Neufeld for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC). It is an original story and screenplay by Fred Myton, starring George Zucco, Mary Carlisle, Nedrick Young and Dwight Frye. It was reissued in the USA in 1948 by Madison Pictures Inc. The film is now in the public domain.


Dead Men Walk actually has a good amount of entertainment value packed into its short running time. While nothing about is original, even for 1943, it has undeniable charm; the exact kind you hope to find when purging on shoddy public domain prints of shocks from days gone by. While George Zucco performs well in Jekyll & Hyde type roles, Renfield himself, Dwight Frye steals the show as the familiar old hunchback helper.” Oh, the Horror!

dead men walk george zucco

” …this is basically a poorly-done retelling of the original Bram Stoker novel, all the trappings of sexism and potential homo-eroticism included. Not only does the film skimp on plot and script writing, it also skimps on sets. There are only four sets throughout the movie: the good doctor’s mansion, the church, outdoor/cemetery/shrubs, and the vampire’s bungalow he borrowed from Elvira.” Cheap as They Come

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Forgotten Horrors 2: Beyond the Horror Ban by Michael H. Price with George E. Turner, Midnight Marquee Press, 2009

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