The She-Creature – USA, 1956

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The She-Creature – also known as The She Creature – is a 1956 American supernatural horror film produced by American International Pictures from a script by Lou Rusoff (brother-in-law of AIP executive Samuel Z. Arkoff), produced by Alex Gordon and directed by Edward L. Cahn.

In 1967, American International commissioned Larry Buchanan to remake the film in colour as Creature of Destruction for sale to television.

she-creature paul blaisdell

Lombardi, an oily carnival hypnotist (Chester Morris), conducts experiments in hypnotic regression take his unwitting female subject (Marla English) to a past life as a prehistoric humanoid form of sea-life. He uses the physical manifestation of the prehistoric creature to commit murders…


“The best scenes of the movie are between Lomabardi and Andrea and Lombardi and Erikson as the two men compete for Andre’s mind and soul. There are a few cocktail party sequences featuring El Brendel and Flo Bert as a butler and maid team that is meant as intentional comic relief. There are no big surprises in the film or its ending but it is watchable classic B-horror fare.” The Uranium Cafe


she creature

she-creature 2


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