The Tooth Fairy – USA, 2006

The Tooth Fairy is a 2006 horror film.

A young girl (Munoz) staying at a bed & breakfast with her mother (West) and her mother’s boyfriend (Munro), find themselves and several others fighting for their lives against “The Tooth Fairy” – an evil disfigured witch who murdered children years before; stealing their last baby tooth and trapping their souls on earth.

The witch is determined to kill Pamela after her tooth is knocked out when she crashes her bike (the witch having made this happen). However, the witch is defeated after the girl shows the witch her reflection in the mirror, allowing her mother’s boyfriend to spray oil on her and setting her on fire.

After the witch is dead, the children whose teeth were stolen, beat the witch with sticks and rise up to heaven…

“The acting is okay, but the Tooth Fairy is a (nearly) silent menace in a bad fright mask. It’s all very cookie cutter (kids in danger, redneck menacing characters, crazy neighbor that has to tell heroes how to kill monster) and has been done better, and worse, in other films. There are some decent gore effects (the disemboweled hippie chick), but they should’ve done a better make-up on the Tooth Fairy.” Monsters and Critics


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