Snakehead Terror – USA, 2003

Snakehead Terror is a 2003 science fiction / horror TV film first shown in March 2004. It is one of two Syfy Channel films based on the snakehead fish incident in a Crofton, Maryland pond (though filmed at Cultus Lake, British Columbia). The other film is Frankenfish.

snakehead 2

A small town, desperate to recover from hard economic times, is under threat when the voracious snakehead fish mutate, surviving previous chemical attacks. The fish transform from pests to predators when human growth hormones are dumped into the local lake in the hopes of reviving the local fishing industry. Thriving on the hormones, the Snakehead fish grow to monstrous proportions, devouring everything within reach. Capable of moving and eating on land, they are forced to leave the now barren lake in a desperate search for food – animal, vegetable or human. In a race against time, the local Sheriff and biologist Lori Dale, try to save the Sheriff’s teenage daughter and her friends, along with the town itself, from being eaten alive… Wikipedia

‘Okay so the acting is going to win no awards (even at the world famous Sitges Festival) and neither is the directing, cinematography or any other film disciplines you could care to mention as that’s not the kind of film this is. What you do get is an enjoyable B-movie romp through the old eco-horror rulebook, with minimal CGI, plenty of latex monsters and a few high-octane set pieces’.


‘What’s nice though is that the snakeheads crawl around the woods and eat people. They even get a guy in his house. They’re usually cool rubber puppets – a welcome change from CGI, although there’s some of that too. Plenty of the puppets get shotgunned which is great fun’.

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