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  • The Night of the Virgin (2016) [updated with more reviews]


    The Night of the Virgin – original title: La Noche del Virgin – is a 2016 Spanish comedy horror film directed by Roberto San Sebastián, making his feature debut, from a screenplay by Guillermo Guerrero. It stars Javier Bódalo, Miriam Martín, Víctor Amilibia. Plot:… Read More ›

  • Incarnate (2016) [updated with Blu-ray + DVD release news]


    ‘Faith has failed us’ Incarnate is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Brad Peyton from a screenplay by Ronnie Christensen (Monster!). It follows “an unconventional exorcist who can tap into the subconscious of the possessed”. Jason Blum (Insidious, The Purge; Paranormal… Read More ›

  • Invisible Ghost (1941) [updated with Blu-ray news]


    Invisible Ghost is a 1941 American horror film directed by Joseph H. Lewis (The Mad Doctor of Market Street) from a story and screenplay by Helen and Alan Martin (Invasion of the Saucer Men; The Eye Creatures). It was a Sam Katzman (Spooks Run… Read More ›

  • Trilogy of Terror (1975) [updated]


    Trilogy of Terror – also known in the United States as Tales of Terror and Terror of the Doll – is a made-for-television American horror film, first aired as an ABC Movie of the Week on March 4, 1975. The film, directed by Dan Curtis and starring Karen Black, was… Read More ›

  • Exam (2009)


    ’80 minutes. 8 candidates. 1 answer. No question.’ Exam is a 2009 British psychological horror thriller film directed by Stuart Hazeldine from a screenplay co-written with Simon Garrity. Eight candidates dress for what appears to be an employment assessment exam; they… Read More ›

  • Human Experiments (1979)


    Human Experiments is a 1979 American women-in-prison horror film produced and directed by Gregory Goodell from a screenplay by Richard Rothstein (Bates Motel [1987]; Invitation to Hell; Death Valley), based on Goodell’s storyline. It has also been released as Beyond the Gate and… Read More ›

  • Game of Death – television series (2017)


    ‘It’ll blow your mind’ Game of Death is a 2017 French/Canadian/American television horror-themed series. Visual effects are being handled by Alchemy 24 whilst Blood Brothers are providing the gory special effects. Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the Game of… Read More ›

  • Nightwish (1988)


    ‘In your dreams no-one can hear you scream’ Nightwish is a 1988 American horror film written and directed by Bruce R. Cook. It stars Clayton Rohner, Alisha Das, and Jack Starrett. Art director Robert A. Burns worked on Re-Animator; Tourist Trap and… Read More ›

  • Savageland (2015)


    ‘Horror has no borders.’ Savageland is a 2015 American found footage horror film written and co-directed by Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert and David Whelan. It stars Noe Montes, George Savage and Len Wein. On the night of June 2, 2011, the largest mass murder in… Read More ›

  • Rise of the Scarecrows, the Sequel and the Journey of a Filmmaker – article by Geno McGahee


    It’s not a shock that my 2003 film Rise of the Scarecrows has made it onto so many of the “Worst Movies Ever” lists or the “Best/Worst Movies Ever” lists. In 2001, I had made my first feature, Evil Awakening, and… Read More ›