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  • Evil Bong 777 – USA, 2018: updated with trailer

    Evil Bong 777 is a 2018 American comedy horror film produced and directed by Charles Band from a screenplay by Kent Roudebush (Evil Bong movies; Ooga Booga; Zombies vs. Strippers), based on a storyline by Charles Band and Brockton McKinney (Rodney Cecil:… Read More ›

  • Death Line aka Raw Meat – UK, 1972: updated with Blu-ray news

    ‘Mind the doors!!!’ Death Line is a 1972 British horror film directed by the American filmmaker Gary Sherman (Dead & Buried, Poltergeist III) from his own storyline. It was scripted by Ceri Jones and distributed as Raw Meat in the United States by American International Pictures (AIP). The film stars Donald Pleasence (Halloween… Read More ›

  • The House That Dripped Blood – UK, 1970

    ‘Terror waits for you in every room in’ The House That Dripped Blood is a 1970 British horror anthology film directed by Peter Duffell and produced by Amicus Productions. It stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Nyree Dawn Porter, Denholm Elliott, and Jon Pertwee. The film is a collection… Read More ›

  • Jurassic Predator – UK, 2018

    ‘After 65 million years… the beast is back.’ Jurassic Predator is a 2018 British science fiction horror action film directed by Andrew Jones (Robert the Doll and sequels; Werewolves of the Third Reich; Cabin 28; et al) from a screenplay co-written… Read More ›

  • Clown Motel Massacre – USA, 2018

    Clown Motel Massacre is a 2018 American comedy horror film directed by Tom Newth (cinematographer on Dracula’s Sorority Sisters; Things 4; Dracula in a Women’s Prison; et al) from a screenplay by Keith Parker (Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death; Predator World;… Read More ›

  • Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams – Italy, 2018

    Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams is a 2018 Italian first-person perspective supernatural horror film written and directed by Giulio De Santi (Hotel Inferno and Hotel Inferno 2; Taeter City; Adam Chaplin) and Tiziana Machella for Necrostorm productions. Frank has retrieved the… Read More ›

  • Blood Widow – USA, 2014

    ‘Die in silence’ Blood Widow is a 2014 American horror film directed by Jeremiah Buckhalt from a screenplay by Chad Coup and Ian H. Davis. The movie stars Danielle Lilley (The Incubus), Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez, Emily Cutting (Rockabilly Zombie… Read More ›

  • Evilspeak – USA, 1981

    Evilspeak is a 1981 American supernatural horror film directed by Eric Weston from a screenplay co-written with Joseph Garofalo. The movie stars Clint Howard, R.G. Armstrong, Joseph Cortese and Claude Earl Jones. Life is not good for Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard), a… Read More ›