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Wallestein il mostro – comic

Wallestein il mostro – English: “Wallestein the Monster” – is an Italian fumetti adult comic character who appeared in five series of comics published by Edifumetto from 1972. For the first series, Edifumetto published nine issues; for the second series, nineteen issues in 1973; for… Read More ›

Vampyres (1974)

‘They shared the pleasures of the flesh and the horrors of the grave!’ Vampyres – also released as Daughters of Dracula; Vampyres, Daughters of Dracula; Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness; Satan’s Daughters and Blood Hunger – is a 1974 British erotic vampire horror film directed by José Ramón Larraz…. Read More ›

The Lifetaker

The Lifetaker is a 1975 British psychological horror film directed by Michael Papas and starring Terence Morgan, Lea Dregorn, and soon-to-be Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan. Plot teaser: A deceived husband (Terence Morgan) engages his wife (Lea Dregorn) and her young lover (Peter Duncan) in a… Read More ›

Countess Dracula

‘A seductive nymph terrorizes in a film of traumatic demoniac pleasures’ Countess Dracula is a 1971 British Hammer horror film based on the legends surrounding the “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Báthory. It is in many ways atypical of Hammer’s canon, attempting… Read More ›

Dracula Exotica – film

Dracula Exotica (also known as Love at First Gulp) is a 1980 adult vampire horror film directed by Shaun Costello [as Warren Evans]. It stars Jamie Gillis, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio and Eric Edwards. Review: Shaun Costello and Ken Schwartz… Read More ›

Count Dracula’s Great Love

Count Dracula’s Great Love (originally El gran amor del conde Drácula) is a 1973 Spanish film directed by Javier Aguirre. The film is also known as Cemetery Girls (American reissue title), Dracula’s Great Love (American promotional title), Dracula’s Virgin Lovers (UK… Read More ›


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