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Love Brides of the Blood Mummy

‘He needed her body and her blood to live!’ Love Brides of the Blood Mummy – original title: El secreto de la momia egipcia – is a 1973 Spanish/French horror film directed by Alejandro Martí from a screenplay by Vincent Didier and Julio Salvador (Hannah, Queen… Read More ›

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls aka The Living Dead is a 1986 French supernatural horror film directed by Pierre B. Reinhard from a screenplay by producer Jean-Claude Roy. Originally titled La revanche des mortes vivantes it was released in France on 16 September 1987. Cast: Véronique Catanzaro, Kathryn Charly,… Read More ›


‘She’s into whips and brains!’ Zombinatrix is a forthcoming 2016 supernatural American horror film written and directed by Michael Kyne. Cast: Bianca Allaine (Albino Farm; Monster Mountain; The Crawling Dead), Lenora Claire (The Devil’s Muse; Noirland), Nadia White (Toxic Tutu; Don’t Fuck… Read More ›

Love Me Deadly

‘A hunger from beyond the grave!’ Love Me Deadly is a 1972 horror film directed by Jaques Lacrete from a screenplay co-written with producer Buck Rogers, based on a story by Robert Cleere and Roger Wall. It stars Mary Charlotte Wilcox (Beast of… Read More ›

Lucio Fulci Poker Cards

Lucio Fulci Poker Cards are the latest offering from UK-based company Gods and Monsters, which had previously issued two, now sold-out, sets of video nasties trump cards. It is the first project in conjunction with the legendary home of cult… Read More ›

House of 1000 Corpses

‘Dare you enter…’ House of 1000 Corpses is a 2000 (released 2003) American exploitation horror film written, co-scored and directed by Rob Zombie, and starring Chris Hardwick, Rainn Wilson, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie and Karen Black. Zombie produced… Read More ›


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