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Dracula Exotica (film)

Dracula Exotica (also known as Love at First Gulp) is a 1980 adult vampire horror film directed by Shaun Costello [as Warren Evans]. It stars Jamie Gillis, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio and Eric Edwards. Review: Shaun Costello and Ken Schwartz… Read More ›

Count Dracula’s Great Love

Count Dracula’s Great Love (originally El gran amor del conde Drácula) is a 1973 Spanish film directed by Javier Aguirre. The film is also known as Cemetery Girls (American reissue title), Dracula’s Great Love (American promotional title), Dracula’s Virgin Lovers (UK… Read More ›

Horny House of Horror

Horny House of Horror (ファッション·ヘル(ス) Fasshon heru(su)) is a 2010 Japanese horror parody film directed and written by Jun Tsugita (Mutant Girls Squad). Director Yoshihiro Nishimura (Helldriver; Tokyo Gore Police; Zombie TV) assisted with the gory set pieces. Tsugita created the film as a fan of western… Read More ›

Orror (comic)

Orror is an Italian adult comic book (known as “fumetti” in Italy) that was published by Edifumetto in two volumes in the late seventies. Initially, twenty one issues were published between June 1977 and May 1978. The second series, published… Read More ›

Blue Blood

Blue Blood (also known as BlueBlood) is a 1973 British film directed by Andrew Sinclair. It stars Oliver Reed, Fiona Lewis (Dr. Phibes Rises Again; Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Strange Behavior), Derek Jacobi, Anna Gaël (Dracula and Son) and Meg Wynn Owen. It was based on the novel The Carry-Cot by Alexander Thynn and shot on… Read More ›

Creature Feature (2010)

‘A monster legacy comes to life!’ Creature Feature (promoted as Creature Feature!) is a 2010 American ‘adult’ horror film. Produced by and featuring Tom Byron (This Ain’t Dracula XXX; Buffy the Vampire Slayer XXX; The Human Sexipede), it was directed by Lizzy Borden aka… Read More ›

Horror Rises from the Tomb

‘Lust has never been this terrifying!’ Horror Rises from the Tomb (original title: El espanto surge de la tumba is a 1972 Spanish supernatural horror film starring Jacinto Molina (better known as Paul Naschy) and was directed by Carlos Aured. The film introduced Naschy’s character of… Read More ›

Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned

‘One crazy night of debauchery and damnation!’ Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned is a 2008 American comedy horror film written, directed and produced by Brian Lindsay Thomson. It stars Joseph Riker, Trina Analee, Gregg Aaron Greenberg, Joe Testa, Rebecca Hodges, Sean Parker, Gelu Dan Rusu, Zoe… Read More ›

Albert Kallis (artist)

Albert Kallis was a professional artist who designed many film posters for American International Pictures (AIP) releases in the 1950s. Kallis’ striking designs elevated the selling of exploitation movies to a new art form in itself. Indeed, AIP’s Sam Arkoff and James… Read More ›


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