Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is a 2014 American backwoods-themed horror film produced by Fox Home Entertainment, directed by Valeri Milev, and based upon a screenplay by Frank H.Woodward. The film stars Sadie Katz (13 Girls, Scorned), Aqueela Zoll (Killjoy Goes to Hell), Chris Jarvis, Roxanne Pallet (Lake Placid 3), Raymond Steers, Harry Belcher, Anthony Ilott, Luke Cousins, Billy Ashworth, Rollo Skinner, Joe Gaminara, and Tabitha Luke Eardley.

Images on this posting are, of course, from previous fun Wrong Turn outings.

Wrong Turn 6 Last Resort DVD

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Wrong Turn series on Wikipedia

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2 replies

  1. i cn not wait to wach wrong turn 6

  2. I love all the wrong turn movies there my kinda movie bloody n Gore love it can not Waite to see wrong turn 6

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