Satan’s Mistress aka Dark Eyes


‘Man’s oldest enemy. Its greatest lust.’

Satan’s Mistress (also known as Demon RageFury of the SuccubusDark Eyes and, confusingly, Demon Seed) is a 1982 American horror film written, produced and directed by James Polakof. The plot concerns a sexually frustrated housewife, Lisa (Lana Wood), who having been distanced from her husband Carl (Don Galloway) begins having nightly trysts with an apparition that gradually takes on the form of a tall, dark stranger (Kabir Bedi) who turns out to be a ghost from the other side.


The film is notable for its inadvertent James Bond connections. Kabir Bedi later appeared in Octopussy, Britt Ekland  (who has only a minor role but gets top-billing) starred in The Man with the Golden Gun and main star Lana Wood is known to many as Plenty O’Toole, a minor but highly memorable character from Diamonds Are Forever.


Although the film came and went unnoticed theatrically, Satan’s Mistress became a favourite on home video, especially with fans of ‘celebrity skin’, who enjoyed Lana Wood’s frequent nudity and scantily-clad runs down a beach. It’s been generally acknowledged that these sexploitation moments are the only parts of the film worth watching, the rest of the story notably lacking in action or convincing supernatural horror. The film also has a cameo by veteran horror actor John Carradine as Father Stratten.


The film was released the same year as the similarly themed The Entity, differing in that the sex in Satan’s Mistress is consensual.

“This little-known horror film is not great by any standards but it does hold your attention and there’s plenty to laugh at from the demon dust to Ekland’s wide eyed dialogue delivery. It’s obvious the director, James Polakof was hoping for a sexy, adult thriller and indeed the setting is quite glamorous as well as Wood’s fabu wardrobe and gigantic hair, but the rape theme is guaranteed to lose a good portion of the audience from the get go. However, the topic is dealt with in such a ham-fisted manner that it’s pretty hard to get offended. I guess if a woman is lonely enough, she’ll screw anything, but before ghosts, you think she’d try toys or hiring a male escort or something. I’m just sayin’ is all.” Planet Fury

“By any title, it sucks. They really should have just called it “Excuse To Get Plenty O’Toole Naked” since that’s what the true agenda seems to be from the very first scene of Lana Wood running down the beach in slow-motion with her breast popping out of her nightgown.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

“Miss Ekland receives top billing but only appears in only about four short scenes, and Carradine has just one. It is really Miss Wood who carries the film on her shoulders, and other places! I hope Mr. Bedi (with emphasis on BED) wasn’t paid by the word, since he never said anything. However, if Miss Wood was paid by the moan, she could probably retire by now. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her around lately… ” Temple of Schlock 

“Tedious, predictable and taking forever to build to its non-arousing climax. John Carradine is wasted in a thankless cameo as a priest.” John Stanley in Creature Features, Berkeley Publishing Group, 2000




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