Cult of the Cobra

‘Out of the mystic East terror strikes at the heart of a city!’

Cult of the Cobra (1955) is an American horror film, released by Universal Pictures and starring Faith Domergue (The House of Seven Corpses), Richard Long, Marshall Thompson (First Man into Space; It! The Terror from Beyond Space), Kathleen Hughes, Jack Kelly, William Reynolds and David Janssen.

Plot teaser:

American G.I.’s who trespass in on a forbidden Hindu ceremony are relentlessly hunted down by a beautiful woman who has the power to metamorphoses into a snake. The film is a cult favourite as most of actors starring in the film later had their own TV series.


It’s rather talky, not particularly original, the only actual transformation scene we get is at the very end (which isn’t much) and the ending is unsatisfying. Much of the acting is pretty stiff, but Domergue (who replaced Mari Blanchard days into filming) is fun to watch.” The Bloody Pit of Horror

“Cult of the Cobra is not a total loss and certainly worth your time.  Its primary credit is Faith Domergue in the role of Cobra woman, Lisa Moya. Though Ms. Domergue is most remembered for her roles in This Island Earth and It Came from Beneath the Sea, it is in Cult of the Cobra where she really shines as an actress. Domergue’s marriage was falling apart in the midst of this production, and the anguish she emotes is palpable. Though her large, droopy eyes and full lips don’t really reflect the characteristics of a cobra, she admirably expresses the torment of a woman torn between human and reptilian nature. I could also add that, at times, she is quite stunning.” Exclamation Mark

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” …like so many of the low-budget, indifferently made sci-fi and horror flicks pouring out of Hollywood’s underbelly throughout its Golden Age, Cult of the Cobra is far more interesting in theory than in execution. Its plot would suggest a sexy, creepy thriller, but in actuality it’s simply plodding and predictable, methodically draining all the fun out of its campy central idea.” Seul-le-Cinema


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