Zombies of Mora Tau

Zombies of Mora Tau
 is a 1957 horror film directed by Edward L. Cahn from a screenplay by George H. Plympton and Bernard Gordon. The film is also known by the title The Dead that Walk.

Plot teaser:

A team of deep sea divers led by a wealthy American Tycoon George Harrison (Joel Ashley) attempt to salvage a fortune in diamonds from the wreckage of a ship that sunk 60 years earlier off the coast of Africa. When the team arrives, they discover that the ship is cursed, and the diamonds are protected by the undead crew who are now zombies, forced to guard the treasure until the diamonds are destroyed or the curse is finally lifted.


“There are other campy moments, but too much dialog and a slow pace hamper the film from being enjoyable even on a kitschy level. I was particularly frustrated with the crew’s absolute denial of the existence of zombies even after they shoot them full of bullets without effect and then witness them walk underwater. Discovering that they rest in coffins should have been some sort of clue, too. The film’s anticlimactic conclusion does not help matters.” Exclamation Mark

zombies of mora tau + the man who turnee to stone ad mat

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