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  • Nina Forever [updated with reviews and trailer]


    ‘A fucked up fairy tale’ Nina Forever is a 2015 dark comedy romantic British horror film written and directed by Ben and Chris Blaine. It stars Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, David Troughton, Elizabeth Elvin, Bill Holland, Lee Nicholas Harris, Sean Verey, Phelim Kelly, Richard Sandling, Javan Hirst…. Read More ›

  • The Shiver of the Vampires [updated]


    Le Frisson des Vampires (English title: The Shiver of the Vampires) is a 1971 French erotic horror film directed by cult filmmaker Jean Rollin. It was his third vampire movie and was also released as Strange Things Happen at Night. Plot teaser: Two newlyweds,… Read More ›

  • Tales from the Darkside: The Movie


    Tales from the Darkside: The Movie is a 1990 American horror anthology film directed by John Harrison, and based on the anthology television series Tales from the Darkside. The film depicts a kidnapped paperboy who tells three stories of horror… Read More ›

  • Anger of the Dead


    Anger of the Dead – aka Apocalisse Zero – is a 2015 Italian-Canadian post-apocalyptic horror movie produced by Uwe Boll (House of the Dead; Alone in the Dark; BloodRayne: The Third Reich) and Luca Boni, and written and directed by Francesco Picone (based on his 2013 short film… Read More ›

  • Krasue – folklore


    The Krasue (Thai: กระสือ), known as Ahp (Khmer: អាប) in Cambodia and as Kasu in Laos, is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore. It manifests itself as a woman, usually young and beautiful, with her internal organs hanging down… Read More ›

  • Empire of the Dead – television series


    Empire of the Dead is a forthcoming American television series adaptation of George A. Romero’s fifteen-issue graphic novel of the same name – which mixes zombies and vampires in post-apocalyptic New York city – published by Marvel Comics. The series is being developed… Read More ›

  • Mania (2015)


    ‘A fucked up lesbian love story.’ Mania is a 2015 American horror film directed by “Scream Queen” Jessica Cameron. She re-teamed with Truth or Dare cohorts Mem Ferda (The Devil’s Double, Hyena) and Jonathan Scott Higgins (Utero). Ferda produced, with Higgins… Read More ›

  • M.R. James – author


    Montague “Monty” Rhodes James OM, MA, FBA (1 August 1862 – 12 June 1936), who used the publication name M. R. James, was an English author, medievalist scholar and provost of King’s College, Cambridge (1905–18), and of Eton College (1918–36)…. Read More ›


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