Bride of Re-Animator

‘Date. Mate. Re-animate.’ Bride of Re-Animator – also known as plafuk  – is a 1990 American science fiction horror film produced and directed by Brian Yuzna (Society; Return of the Living Dead III); Necronomicon; The Dentist and sequel) from a screenplay written by Yuzna, Rick Fry… Read More ›

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  • Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors [updated]


    Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors is a 1964 British anthology horror film from Amicus Productions, directed by veteran horror Freddie Francis (Nightmare; The Skull; Tales from the Crypt) from a screenplay by Milton Subotsky (The City of the Dead; At the… Read More ›

  • A Christmas Horror Story [updated]


    A Christmas Horror Story is a 2015 American supernatural horror anthology film directed by Steven Hoban (Darknet), Grant Harvey (She Made Me Do It) and Brett Sullivan (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed) from a screenplay by James Kee, Sarah Larsen, Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier for Copperheart Entertainment…. Read More ›

  • Victor Frankenstein (2015) [updated with reviews]


    ‘Meet your makers’ Victor Frankenstein is a 2015 American horror film based on contemporary adaptations of Mary Shelley‘s 1818 novel Frankenstein directed by Paul McGuigan and written by Max Landis. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe (The Woman in Black; Horns) as the… Read More ›

  • Baron Samedi, Haitian Loa and Voodoo – article by Daz Lawrence [updated]


    Baron Samedi (the slightly less impressive Baron Saturday, translated into English), and also Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi, or Bawon Sanmdi, is one of the Loa of Haitian vodou, the spirits of the dead. Samedi is a Loa of the dead, along with Baron’s numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. He… Read More ›

  • Man from Deep River [updated]


    “I’m a human being, like you! I’m a man, not a fish!” – Ivan Rassimov Il paese del sesso selvaggio (“The Country of Savage Sex”), better known as Man from Deep River (actually The Man from the Deep River on the print)… Read More ›

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) [updated]

    Texas Chain Saw Massacre title

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – also promoted as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – is a 1974 American exploitation-horror film, directed and produced by Tobe Hooper (The Funhouse; Poltergeist; Lifeforce), who co-wrote it with Kim Henkel (Butcher Boys). Although it was marketed as a true story… Read More ›

  • The Other Side of the Door


      ‘It was never meant to be opened.’ The Other Side of the Door is a 2016 British-Indian supernatural horror film directed by Johannes Roberts (Sanitarium; Forest of the Damned; F) from a screenplay co-written with Ernest Riera. In the US, the… Read More ›

  • House of Afflictions


    ‘Fear the unknown’ House of Afflictions is a 2014 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Nottingham-based filmmaker Anthony M. Winson (The Witching Hour; Unholy). In the US, Wild Eye Releasing are releasing the film on DVD in February 2016…. Read More ›

  • Necronomicon


    Necronomicon is a 1993 American anthology horror film. It was directed by Brian Yuzna, Christophe Gans and Shusuke Kaneko from a screenplay by Brent V. Friedman, Christophe Gans, Kazunori Itō and Brian Yuzna. The film is also known as H.P. Lovecraft’s: Necronomicon, Necronomicon: Book… Read More ›

  • The Musk


    ‘Please do not disturb Tony. He already is!’ The Musk is a 2015 American-Italian horror film produced, written and directed by George Nevada. Cast: Fabrizio Occhipinti (as the mutant Tony Maio), Frances Williams, Antony Ferry, Raphael and Danny Willis, Marcello Iaia,… Read More ›

  • Baskin


      ‘Enter a world of suffering and madness’ Baskin is a 2015 Turkish horror film directed by Can Evrenol (Turn Your Bloody Phone Off) from a screenplay co-written with Ogulcan Eren Akay, Cem Ozuduru and Ercin Sadikoglu. The film is released… Read More ›

  • Voodoo Rising


    ‘Them woods is evil’ Voodoo Rising is a 2016 American backwoods horror film produced and directed by Eddie Lengyel (Hellweek; Scarred; Naughty List) from a screenplay co-written with Kris Smith (Naughty List). The film was previously known as Black Hills and… Read More ›


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